History of Art student at UPenn.

Writer for The Style Con and BITE; Editorial Director for The WALK.


"White Mishchief" Christy Turlington shot by David Sims for Vogue UK 1995

Y Tu Mama Tambien



shamecore literally us

im screaming! i was starring at this for a sec like.. zamn. before i even read the caption lol

but omg i love it except i feel like we’d dress cooler

I agree yes

The Philosophy of Praxis: Marx, Lukács and the Frankfurt School

shamecore literally us

Nicki is very smart. She knows the biz, it seems

She seeks to expand her abilities, and she never rests on one skill. It’s never always about one thing, because each “thing” she can execute can be executed to perfection: complex narratives, braggadocio, complex rhyme schemes, different personas, etc. If you think about it, Nicki is aware of the way female rap acts tend to die out, and I think her power lies in protecting herself from being an idle star. Sort of like the greatest pop stars and the way they transcend genres to keep the music fresh.

Nicki is very smart. She knows the biz, it seems

a plaid pant

Anonymous asks: Are there any scents that remind you of your past?

Many. Any sort of hair product, sesame oil, the smell of peanuts in NYC, airplanes, Chanel No. 5, Joy by Jean Patou, the early stages of risotto, tennis balls. There are a lot more.

Anonymous asks: what products do you use for your hair. I'm a young black who's always on the search to keep my scalp moisturized and hair nice.

Not many! I just wash with a Dove shampoo and condition with a product that has Argan oil in it. It has a a gold top and some large serif letters on the front. Sometimes I rub Argan oil into my scalp but that’s a rarity.


petition for Beyoncé to perform this song on tour 

it’s so good

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this shirt is so right for today

this shirt is so right for today

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like, honestly…
—Me, everyday, to myself and in conversation.